Hello there:) Im karina and this is my blog! send me your opinions, questions, and suggestions and ill get back to you :) xx
-  Anonymous asked  -
can u put an outfit with roled up jeans for school?

here ya go love :) xx

I really love this dress! do you have any ideas that I could wear this with it in the winter time? please reply quickly? thank you xx I adore your blog!

——Hi sweetie i think a nice long trench coat would look amazing and some nice earrings. If its really cold also pair it with some tights (sheer or not) and heels or whatever you like to wear :) x

-  Anonymous asked  -
yo playa yo blog be dope, keep doin what you doin goreous

sorry for not posting anything in a while but im going to try to be better at that from now on :) but anyway here ya go , hope you like it xx

-  dkiddxox asked  -
Why havent you lately been on your blog? Is everything okay?

Oh yeah about that
Well first reason is i dont have a laptop and now im trying to use my sisters laptop whenever i can, second reason is i honestly have no time since i just started a new school and i have dance and then swim practice after school
But now that im getting used to my routine hopefully i can manage my time
Thanks for asking love :) xx

-  cvnscious-deactivated20140602 asked  -
Hey I haven't been on your blog in such a long time I miss it so much. Anyways, what can I wear with blue jean high waisted shorts?

pretty much anything love, I swear those things match with EVERYTHING :D

but yeah I’d say they look especially cute with crop tops and/or loose tops tucked in :)

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